What Is the Noom Diet?How the App Can Help You Lose Weight!

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The Noom diet is a personalized weight loss plan available through the phone app of the same name. The creators of the application claim that it helps people achieve their personal weight goals.

The Noom app offers its users a personalized diet and access to a health trainer. People can also use the app to record their diet and exercise habits and discuss their weight loss journey on Noom’s social platform.

In this article, we explored the Noom diet and described the research on its effectiveness.

Noom diet weight loss

 However, you may wonder whether Noom reviews is just another fashionable diet based on pseudoscience with promises of unrealistic results, or whether it is an effective program for healthy and lasting app weight loss.

This article covers everything you need to know about Noom app weight loss, including what it is and how it works, as well as its pros and cons.

NOOM DIET Review – Quick Summery

Product Name:NOOM DIET supplement
Supplement advanced ketones reviews Type:Weight Loss supplements
Manufacturer CountryUSA
Facility Used:Made in an FDA Approved Facility
Hygiene Standards:Followed Sterile, Strict, and Precise Standards
Ingredients Sources:100% All-Natural and Vegetarian

What is the Noom diet?


Noom is an application designed to help people lose weight, get in shape and stay healthy. Use a single traffic light system to classify foods according to the number of calories they contain.

“Green” foods, such as spinach and broccoli, are the least calorie dense, while “red” foods contain more calories and should be less than one serving. Using this data,

the creators of the app develop personalized weight loss plans that claim that they can help deliver long-term weight loss results.

To get a personalized weight loss plan, a person will have to buy a subscription and answer a few questions on the Noom website or app. The algorithm will design a weight loss plan to meet the needs of the person. Shortly after a person logs in for the first time, the app will associate them with an appropriate health coach.

The coach will provide relevant dietary information and advice to help the person achieve their weight goals.

How Noom Works

noom weight loss

The app takes a behavioral approach to weight loss in order to “deceive” your body by building healthier habits. Noom promotes his coaches — so-called real people (but not registered dieticians) — to help him set achievable goals and hold him accountable.

When you start, you’ll answer a series of online questions to answer your current weight, health and lifestyle issues (such as cooking or dinner more, and sitting at a desk most of the day). From there you will be assigned a coach and will give you diet recommendations,

as well as have access to built-in tools to help you track your fitness, food, blood pressure and blood sugar. Most advice comes in the form of short tips and questionnaires, which, according to the opinion, can be useful and overwhelming.

If you find the integration process cumbersome, this program may not be the program for you, since the rest of the platform content is configured in the same way.

Subscription and pricing

Noom app weight loss

  • Noom is available from $44.99 per month.
  • Custom programs that include meals and training plans available.
  • To cancel, send a message to your coach (goal specialist). You have access for the remainder of this billing cycle.
  • Noom occasionally offers a free two-week trial during registration.
  • App Store 4 .7/5  ,Google Play 4.4/5 .

Noom’s nutritional philosophy:

Nutritional advice is based on the idea of caloric density, which was also popularized in the book Volumetrics. Low calorie density (or low energy) refers to foods that have a low calorie content by the amount you eat (or the weight of a given food).

Noom divides foods into three categories: red, green or yellow. No food is out of bounds, but it is suggested to limit the number of red foods you eat, while you are encouraged to eat more yellow and green foods.

Pros and cons of the Noom diet

In my experience advising individual customers, I see potential pros and cons for Noom. On the professional side, many people I advise benefit greatly from daily support. Waiting for a whole week between consultations can be extremely difficult when eating 21 to 35 meals or more in between. For this reason,

I often ask my customers to track their consumption with an app like My Fitness Pal, and give me permission to see their calendars. Others send me daily messages or dairy emails. I found that this type of daily support and feedback can have a significant impact on success.

Another professional is that Noom takes care of social meals and allows you to do things like planning ahead of time for events, such as a party, holiday or vacation. It’s also something I’m discussing with customers that encourages real long-term behavior change.

And while it’s not cheap, Noom probably costs less than working individually with a dietitian, unless the dietitian is fully covered by his insurance plan.

Reviews of the Noom Diet:


In terms of the results, a review found that most participants lose weight successfully, especially if they register their diet and weigh more often. According to Noom, 64% of users lose 5% or more of their body weight, and 60% maintain loss for a year or more. On the scam side,

many of my clients do not like tracking, and find it cumbersome and stressful. Some also try to spend less time on their phone, no more, and get better with IRL’s advice and support. In addition, if you have special dietary needs, such as food sensitivities or allergies, or chronic conditions such as IBS,

I think it is better to work directly with an RDN, since training a dietitian includes both clinical nutrition and weight loss.

What can you eat on the Noom diet plan?

Another positive of Noom for many people is that it does not prohibit any food. Instead, it encourages the consumption of nutrient-rich foods (labeled green), such as fresh produce, and minimizes the portions and/or frequency of foods marked yellow (proteins, starches) and foods labeled in red (pizza, sweets, alcohol, etc.).

That is, Noom offers many bells and whistles not available with many other approaches to weight loss. I also like that it emphasizes behavior change, rather than a quick solution that is likely to disappear. The purpose of the program seems to be to help you find a new normal that is healthy and glued with it. But it’s not cheap.

Although you can download the app for free and try it on a short trial, a subscription costs around $50 a month and is designed to last 16 weeks or four months. The app also offers additional services for additional charges, such as personalized training and meal plans.

Noom Diet Review: Does it work for weight loss?

How to start and how much does Noom cost?


The Noom app itself is free to download or you can start the process on your website. First, you will be taken a detailed questionnaire consisting of three parts; first, you will go through the section of the demographic profile that asks you your height and weight,

as well as what are your health goals and whether you have a target weight in mind. After answering some preliminary questions about lifestyle and information about your state of health or current condition, you enter your email address and a program plan is revealed estimating how long it will take you to lose the desired amount of weight.

The second part of the questionnaire analyzes habits and behaviors, and allows you to choose an approach to your nutrition plan, physical activity or build good habits. Finally, the activity and nutrition section includes basic questions about your current health practices, as well as questions about behavioural change.

After this step, to claim your custom Noom plan requires a credit card. Noom currently offers a 7-day trial option for as little as $0.50 on its website given the current global health crisis, but after that, your card will be charged to continue.

Program prices start at $59 per month, but the price drops when you commit to longer periods of time. The cheapest price you can get Noom is on your annual self-recurrence plan that costs $199 (average just over $16 per month). And if you refer to a friend, you will get a 20% discount and you will also receive an Amazon credit of $20.


Noom is a weight loss app that provides access to a health coach and a personalized weight loss plan. Its creators claim that these tools, plus the accurate food calorie counter, can help people reach their weight goals.

So far, research suggests that the Noom app can be an effective aid to weight loss. However, researchers have not yet compared Noom with other weight loss apps or methods.

People with underlying health conditions should take extra care when using Noom or similar weight loss apps. They may require the advice of a doctor or dietitian to ensure safe weight loss.



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